So this week I read a lot. I do not remember a lot after that. I played games. I also discovered today that I could be hypnotized. It was very, very weird. I could not believe it. After the fact people were telling me all about it. So, earlier, about an hour ago I agree for a visiting student to hypnotize me. We went to a dark room, he was doing some pretty basic surface level stuff. Then when he was starting to get a little deep, it became clean-up. I think I was in a trance when a kid came in and said a word which, as far as I know, that trance made me almost go into a not very busy street. I’m honestly not sure if it’s just some part of my imagination taking over, but it was weird. A bunch of kids were trying to block me from going into the street, probably. Then once a kid sprayed me with some water from his water bottle, I woke up. I was trying to find the kid who hypnotized me and eventually I was successful. He said I couldn’t be hypnotized that much and that was probably because I believed in hypnosis. So ever since then I’ve tried to un-believe in hypnosis. And that’s how the last part of my day went.

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