On Monday I did the change up Change Up meeting where we discussed about kids facilitating Change Up. It was very fun and interesting. The facilitator of the meeting unfortunately was not a kid. It was @tomis, but it was decent. Also on Monday I went to the park, which was very fun. I did land surfing, but I fell off. On Tuesday I did Writer’s Workshop which was very entertaining, but unfortunately I did not write. On Wednesday I went to the Lion King play which was meh. I was kinda expecting more action. On Thursday I pretty much just blobbed the whole day. If you’re wondering what blobbing means, it means literally just laying around and doing nothing. On Friday I played like a zombie apocalypse game with Jake and Luke and Ari. It was very fun. Then I did clean up and blogging so my week has caught up to me in real time and I am going to end it.

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