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This week I did Cooking Class which was really, really, really very fun. I made Cesar Salad. I played a game ┬áRoblocks which was really fun and that Roblocks game was basically all week. I think I may have played a tiny bit of Minecraft. Oh and I did a little bit of Bridge to Terebithia. I did do a little bit of Writer’s Workshop, though I did not go to the library. On Thursday I stayed home, which I don’t want to talk about that because it’s not relevant to any of you. And today I went to Armin’s talk, I ate a quesadilla for lunch and yeah it appears that my blog has caught up to me in real time. Armin talked about what it was like to be a refugee during the Balkan War in the 90’s. It was interesting how he talked about what it was like to be migrating. It was also kind of sad when he talked about how his family split up. It was really sad about how when he was a nine year old he saw his friend die right before his eyes. Oh and I also did Set the Week.

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