So I hade a good week. I had a good day I played a healthey amount of lazer tag that was REALLY fun. I also played walkie talkies. That was really fun. I played banna tag and i did a current event’s meeting and i,m not sure how i feel about that. And that was my day goodbye.


my epic week

So i did a lot this week but I’m going to about today so i played a lot of minecraft and i bulit a cool house and played minecraft hunger games and i played outside a lot and that was fun and i made art and that was fun and i did spawn and that was ok and i had a lot of fun in genrel today good bye.


So this week I primarily played video game’s it was fun I primarily Minecraft and Roblox and Minecraft I enjoyed playing those games it was EPIC and on Minecraft I learned the art of command block’s on Minecraft and that was fun and awesome and i enjoyed doing that and I flew a helicopter on Roblox and that was EPIC and I did that on redwood prison and that was fun and that was my week bye.

my name is pug

So this week I did a lot of stuff like me and a school group went to the balitynne hotel to look at gingerbread house’s and saw some pretty epic ones that looked like european cathedreal’s  and one that looked like a Carolina panther statute from the panther’s stadium. speaking of the panther’s stadium we found out that the gray seats ware luxury seats that could access a nice part of the stadium. we also found out that you could buy a sweat that is as expensive as a house and they ranged from 10 person all the way to 50 person witch I did not know. and we went to discovery place and went to see the the de vinti exhibit witch was cool the thing that interested me the most was that he made what apereed to be a helicopter. and that’s my blog.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D

So for the past few week’s i’ve been watching a show called Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is a EPIC show it is made by Marvel. It has things like a race with  superpowers and awesome tech that is alien it is so cool. It is a cool show I like watching it because of all the tech i’ve watched it a lot this week it is a good show. My favorite character’s would be Skye aka Daisy and Simmons and maybe Fitz. And I like Skye because she seem’s cool and I like Fitz and Simmons because they are scientists. And that’s my agents of S.H.I.E.L.D blog.

Spicy Tuna

On Monday there was no school. On Tuesday I went to the park and did Luke’s around the sun. On Wednesday I did Change Up and everything felt like a spicy tuna. The reasoning behind me saying spicy tuna is…reasons. On Thursday I stayed at school and I think I went to the park again. On Friday, which is today, I did Will’s around the sun. And now I am going to talk about a random thing in the room because I don’t know what to write. In my Spawn right now we have a projector. It was used for watching Ghostbusters on Thursday. It was also used for Shrek and it wasn’t used for anything else. I watched some of Ghostbusters and I had a doctor’s appointment so I left early from Shrek. That was my week.


So this week I read a lot. I do not remember a lot after that. I played games. I also discovered today that I could be hypnotized. It was very, very weird. I could not believe it. After the fact people were telling me all about it. So, earlier, about an hour ago I agree for a visiting student to hypnotize me. We went to a dark room, he was doing some pretty basic surface level stuff. Then when he was starting to get a little deep, it became clean-up. I think I was in a trance when a kid came in and said a word which, as far as I know, that trance made me almost go into a not very busy street. I’m honestly not sure if it’s just some part of my imagination taking over, but it was weird. A bunch of kids were trying to block me from going into the street, probably. Then once a kid sprayed me with some water from his water bottle, I woke up. I was trying to find the kid who hypnotized me and eventually I was successful. He said I couldn’t be hypnotized that much and that was probably because I believed in hypnosis. So ever since then I’ve tried to un-believe in hypnosis. And that’s how the last part of my day went.


On Monday I did the change up Change Up meeting where we discussed about kids facilitating Change Up. It was very fun and interesting. The facilitator of the meeting unfortunately was not a kid. It was @tomis, but it was decent. Also on Monday I went to the park, which was very fun. I did land surfing, but I fell off. On Tuesday I did Writer’s Workshop which was very entertaining, but unfortunately I did not write. On Wednesday I went to the Lion King play which was meh. I was kinda expecting more action. On Thursday I pretty much just blobbed the whole day. If you’re wondering what blobbing means, it means literally just laying around and doing nothing. On Friday I played like a zombie apocalypse game with Jake and Luke and Ari. It was very fun. Then I did clean up and blogging so my week has caught up to me in real time and I am going to end it.

This Week

This week I did Cooking Class which was really, really, really very fun. I made Cesar Salad. I played a game  Roblocks which was really fun and that Roblocks game was basically all week. I think I may have played a tiny bit of Minecraft. Oh and I did a little bit of Bridge to Terebithia. I did do a little bit of Writer’s Workshop, though I did not go to the library. On Thursday I stayed home, which I don’t want to talk about that because it’s not relevant to any of you. And today I went to Armin’s talk, I ate a quesadilla for lunch and yeah it appears that my blog has caught up to me in real time. Armin talked about what it was like to be a refugee during the Balkan War in the 90’s. It was interesting how he talked about what it was like to be migrating. It was also kind of sad when he talked about how his family split up. It was really sad about how when he was a nine year old he saw his friend die right before his eyes. Oh and I also did Set the Week.